IET Sponsored Talk by Dr DAVID LUIGI FUSCHI, PH.D.



Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

An introduction to Problem Solving is provided starting from a brief presentation of what is Critical thinking and why it is important to not only use it but also (and most importantly) understand it and improve one's ability to act as a critical thinker.

Then basic aspects of critical thinking are introduced along with the different styles (and their denomination).

The Left-/Right-brain thinking is presented along with the so-called Whole Brain Thinking approach. The typical pitfalls of decision making are then presented.

The Critical Thinking process is then explained along with a possible approach for developing better critical thinking skills as well as foster creativity (the De Bono 6 Hats).

Problem solving is then explained along with a practical approach and useful tools that can be used - through a critical thinking approach - to address and solve problems in an optimal way.

Finally a parallel between the scientific and the engineering method is presented to stress similarities as well as differences and their motivation.



Mr Fuschi is the founder of Bridging Consulting and Management & Business Academy. His specialties include: governance, P3M consultancy, portfolio management, program/project rescue, EPMO/PMO's, value management, change management, benefits management, and speaking/training. He won 21 projects worth of over 62 million Euro and successfully managed over 98 projects valued over 300 million Euro. He has been the evaluator of research proposals & rapporteur for European Commission since 1994. He is currently STEM Ambassador of STEMNET, UK, Academic of International Academy of Informatization, Kazakhstan, Adjunct Professor of KiiT University, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India ,Visiting Professor of ATU University, Almaty, Kazakhstan, Visiting Professor at Vilnius Gedminus Technical University – Lithuania and Invited Professor at the Catholic University of Cordoba – Argentina.

Mr Fuschi holds a PhD degree in Systems Engineering & Computer Science from University of Reading, Reading UK. He also has a Master of Business Administration (eMBA). He is proficient in English, Italian, Spanish and French.