Exploration and Practice of XJTLUers in Media Series Exhibition


What do we think about while stargazing? What's our next step? Wish all XJTLUers' dreams come true.


XJTLU Museum is dedicated to demonstrating XJTLU's outstanding exploration, successful practice and substantial results in the new model of higher education. This comprehensive exhibition, the first in a series of the Museum's "KAI ZHAN LE" Event, leverages the news about the results of teaching and learning achievements covered on XJTLU's official website, digs deep into the explorations and practice that have contributed to such achievements. This exhibition is intended to provide a chance to allow teachers, students and visitors to witness the progress of XJTLU, and inspire more creative practice and explorations in the future from the members of XJTLU.


  • Theme: NEXT
  • Time: 25 July-25 October 2018
  • Venue: Room 155, Central Building (Next to east gate of XJTLU Museum)