2018 Induction Week



DATE: 1st Sept.

For students who have already finished online payment, they can go directly to the report site in the dormitory area to get their access control cards and finish check-in on Sep. 1st.

For students who haven’t already finished online payment, they should finish the payment after their arrival at XJTLU in the Student One-stop Service Centre (Central Building 115E), and receive the follow daily schedule.

More details are available on the Pre-arrival System (http://pre.xjtlu.edu.cn/).

Freshman Information Session

DATE: 2nd Sept.

Time:13:00, 2nd Sept. (Please arrive 15 minutes in advance.)

Organized by Development Advisors (DA), the Freshman Information Session is the first lesson for freshmen in the university. The content of the meeting includes the distribution and collection of some important materials. Besides, there is chance for the freshmen to interact with Buddies, as well as to achieve comprehensive resources and support in the university.

Brief introduction to Campus Tour

DATE: Sep. 4th, Sep. 5th

Time:Sep. 4th, Sep. 5th 9:00-12:00 AM 14:00-17:00 PM

The Campus Tour for XJTLU freshmen is one of the events in Buddy Programme which is designed and organized by BPEC (Buddy Program Executive Committee). Class Buddies will show every freshman around our campus including southern and northern campus in the form of groups. During the tour, class buddies will introduce each landmark architecture to the freshman and finish 8 check-point tasks. When each team completes a check-point task, they will get a certification. After completing 8 certifications, they are able to get the lucky draw chance and the mystery award. We hope every freshman would know better about our college and campus via this Campus Tour.

Fresher’s Fair

DATE: Sep. 6th

Time: 13:00-18:00

XJTLU Fresher’s Fair is an important annual club gala during the induction week. Organized by Student Club Support Center and co-organized by Club Program Office.

It provides a platform for student clubs and organizations to demonstrate their culture and recruit new club members.

At the fair you can learn details about over 150 student clubs and enjoy yourself with their colorful culture and wonderful performance as well.

More information please read Introduction of XJTLU Student Clubs before the Fresher’s Fair.

Hometown Fellows’ Party

DATE: Sep. 7th

Time: 9:00-11:30

The hometown fellows’ party is one of the large event for XJTLU freshmen after the registration. Freshmen will get familiar about life in XJTLU after presenting by the recruitment teacher and sharing experience with senior students from the same province, and also aim to build friendship with other new students through designed activities. Hometown becomes the medium between students and help to eliminate the strangeness and distance and get involved of life in XJTLU at the beginning of the semester.

Introduction of the Welcome Party

DATE: Sept. 7th

TIME: 18: 30-21: 30, Sept.7


The welcome party, with the theme of “Nice to Meet You” , is sponsored by the Art Association in XJTLU. As the end of the orientation week, the party will stage wonderful theatrical shows for the freshmen. Every new student has the opportunity to win a variety of mysterious prizes at the party!

The party is intended to embody the rich and colorful community culture of XJTLU and to create a lively and cheerful atmosphere for freshmen, so that they can adapt to college life sooner and better while tasting the unique charm of XJTLU.

The Welcome Party, "Nice to Meet You"