Chinese Architect Seminar and Talk Series 2018/19 CAST 01



  • Title: Coup de grace
  • Speaker : YU TING
  • Date: 25th Sept 2018
  • Time: 6:00pm-7:30pm
  • Venue: DB G19, XJTLU South Campus, Suzhou, China
  • Co-ordinator: Philip Fung ([email protected])


Yu Ting

Architect, Gourmet, Columnist

Bachelor of Architecture in Tsinghua University Department of Architecture; Architectural Design and Theory Ph.D. of Tongji University; professor level senior engineer; visiting Professor of Architecture in Southeast University School; founder of Let's Talk, urban micro-space revival plan and Wutopia Lab.

Design Philosophy of Yu Ting

Yu Ting thinks all the hard training, thinking and design process should be presented with a relaxed gesture at the end.

Wutopia Lab is an Architecture lab based on a new paradigm of complex systems, which regards Shanghai's culture and life style as the starting point, using architecture as the tool to promote sociological progress within building practice.

Wutopia Lab focuses on human and is dedicated to link different aspects of urban life: traditional, daily and cultural to interpret Urbanian's lifestyle, and to develop an aesthetic style of China based on Shanghai.

Wutopia Lab creates miracles in the day-to-day. We use the strategy of the duality, design from local material and local conditions in an arbitrary and ever-changing way.

If the world is not good enough, let us create a better one.