Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Series Academic Seminar



Urban railways around the world, including Suzhou and Shanghai metros, are facing overcrowding problems. Whilst upgrading signal systems would theoretically enables operators to run many services in the peak-time, in practice they need to understand and manage passenger crowd movements to realise such high frequency operations. For example, if a train stops at a station for a long time because of prolonged passenger alighting/boarding time), it may be caught by the following train, which then has to wait outside the station. In this circumstance, management of passenger alighting/boarding is an important issue to allow operations without delays. The seminar will include two main parts:

  • Explains approaches for passenger crowd movement management, and presents UCL’s research supporting the industry practice.
  • A detailed introduction of the UCL’s new MSc programme in Urban Railways.


  • Speaker: Dr Taku Fujiyama (Railway Research Group, University College London (UCL), UK)
  • Topic: Managing Passenger Crowd Movements on Urban Railways
  • Time: 3:00PM-4:00PM, September 21th. 2018
  • Venue: EE505
  • Chair: Dr. Shaofeng Lu

About the Speaker

Dr Taku Fujiyama

Railways as a civil engineer mainly in charge of station redevelopment projects, before joining UCL where he now leads UCL Railway Research Group. He is the Director of UCL’s new MSc Programme in Urban Railways, which offers unique opportunities for students to learn transferrable skills (such as data handling and analysis) required for new generations of railway engineers. His research focuses on railway traffic management systems as well as passenger crowd managements.