XJTLU-JC SoFTA lecture series: From Street to the Cloud



FROM STREET TO THE CLOUD: Copyright Development and Business Models in the Chinese Music Industry


The music industry is viewed as a copyright industry as it primarily relies on the exploitations of copyrighted work, including both literary and musical works. In addition, related neighbouring rights are stipulated in a number of national and international laws to protect recordings and performers’ rights despite great divergences among distinct juridical systems. This talk will cover a review of the development of Chinese copyright law and the protection of related rights from 1909 to 2017, and the debates surrounding the enforcement and governance of these mechanisms. International laws and conventions will be discussed as well since the music industry has followed the globalisation flow for many years, long before China entered the WTO in 2001.


Dr Zhen Chen

Zhen Troy Chen is Lecturer in Communication Studies at Xi'an JiaotongLiverpool University. He is a PhD researcher at the AHRC Centre for Digital Copyright and IP Research in China at Nottingham University, where he also serves as Research Fellow of the Institute of Asia and Pacific Studies and Institute for Creative and Digital Cultures. His doctoral research was fully funded by Nottingham’s China and UK Campuses, AHRC and the Newton Fund. His primary research interests are in cultural and creative industries, cultural and media policy (copyright, privacy and competition law), digital media, journalism and public relations. He is widely published and an accomplished and sought after international speaker. Apart from research, he is an award-winning communications and marketing professional in international higher education. He has extensive working experience in the media, consultancy, IT and the Finance industry.