XJTLU-JC SoFTA Lecture Series: Social media design



Social Media Techno-discursive Design, Affective Communication and Contemporary Politics


The presentation examines the intersection of technological design of Social Media communication, the post-politics-affective turn in contemporary (Western) societies and the rise of populism as a trend in political communication. Following a Social Media approach to a digital discursive practice, the presentation will integrate discussions on the affective nature of communication in a participatory web ecology and the consequences of algorithmic regimentation of meaning bearing resources (e.g. news and entertainment) on Social Media. The overall argument here is that the hyper-normalisation and triumph of neo-liberal rationality together with new media technological affordances, design and requirements have created a momentum for the growth of haphazard populist politics, i.e., the valorisation of affective relevance over rational.


Majid KhosraviNik
Newcastle University

Majid KhosraviNik is a Senior Lecturer in Digital Media & Discourse Studies at Newcastle University, UK. He works at the intersection of discourse, media and society and has published widely on theory and practice of CDS methods, immigration, populism and self/other representations etc. He is specifically interested in digital media discursive practices in global contexts by investigating the impact, dynamic and challenges of Social Media technologies within a Social Media Critical Discourse Studies (SM-CDS) approach. Majid has published more than a dozen journal articles, chapters and books on various theoretical and applicational aspects of digital discourse studies. Furthermore, he is a founder of Newcastle Critical Discourse Studies and also sits on the editorial board of Critical Discourse Studies and the Journal of Language & Politics.