XJTLU Museum “W•E Talks” Event V: Change - To Make Something Different


XJTLU Museum launches branding event called “W•E” (short for Wisdom & Exploration) regularly in X Bar. “W•E Talks” is its sub-series event which is in form of short, powerful talks, aiming to have an exploration of wisdom in minds. In “W•E Talks”, we invite three experts in certain fields to talk about their ideas and to share their stories in a wide range of subjects. We hope it could be helpful for our students to learn experience from others and to extend their insight about their learning, career and even the life. Here comes the fourth series of “W•E Talks” Event.

XJTLU Museum invites Jia LI, Media and Communications Manager, the University of Sydney Centre in China; Dr Martijn ten Bhömer, Lecturer from Department of Industrial Design, XJTLU and Dr Cheng-Hung Lo, Associate Professor from Department of Industrial Design, XJTLU to share about their field of “change”.

Event Details

  • Topic: Change - To Make Something Different
  • Time: 14:00- 16:00, Wednesday, 7 November 2018
  • Venue: X Bar
  • Register: send “W•E TALKS + name +contact number” to [email protected]


  • 14:00-14:05 Hosts introduce “W•E Talks” Event and honored speakers
  • 14:05-14:35 “W•E Talks”- Speech by Jia LI, Media and Communications Manager, the University of Sydney Centre in China
  • 14:35-15:05 “W•E Talks” - Speech by Dr. Martijn ten Bhömer, Lecturer, Department of Industrial Design, XJTLU
  • 15:05-15:35 “W•E Talks” - Speech by Dr. Cheng-Hung Lo, Associate Professor, Department of Industrial Design, XJTLU
  • 15:35-15:55 Interaction session
  • 15:55-16:00 Declaring the end of the event and take a group photo


Jia LI
Media and Communications Manager, the University of Sydney Centre in China; Master student
of Mass Media Translation, XJTLU

Jia Li will receive a Master of Mass Media Translation from Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University (2019). He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Yantai University, majoring in Journalism. He worked as journalist at Xinhua News Agency in different locations such as Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region in China, Egypt as well as Malta for nine years, and also nearly one-year experience as Head of English Website of National Business Daily in Chengdu, Sichuan Province. Wesley Li is responsible for the implementation of the promotion of The University of Sydney Centre in China, media coordination, website and social media management, and etc. He works regularly with University of Sydney Marketing and Communication and media staff, and will work with other parts of the University as required.

Martijn ten Bhömer
Department of Industrial Design, XJTLU

Dr. Martijn ten Bhömer is a lecturer in the Department of Industrial Design at XJTLU. He completed his M.Sc. (cum laude, and distinction for best graduate project) in 2010 and his PhD studies in 2015 (distinction for best doctoral research project) at Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands. In his PhD research he investigated how an embodied design approach can underpin the design of smart textile products and services. Dr. ten Bhömer has work experience as researcher in international companies such as Microsoft Research, Deutsche Telekom and OM signal. Currently Dr. ten Bhömer is the module leader of the course “Introduction to Human-Computer Interaction" and design studio "Human-Needs: Scales and Proportions", further he co-teaches the design studio "Concept Generation and Interaction Design". He is managing the "Digital Manufacturing Lab", is a reviewer for various scientific conferences and journals, and is Principle Investigator of an NSFC funded research project.

Cheng-Hung Lo
Associate Professor,
Department of Industry Design, XJTLU

Cheng-Hung Lo completed his PhD in Computer Science in the University of Bristol. Prior to his doctoral research, he studied Applied Psychology in Fu-Jen Catholic University in Taiwan (BSc) and Computing and Information Systems in the University of Ulster (MSc). Driven by his passion of making things and the interdisciplinary background, he landed himself into the field of Design. Cheng-Hung has continuously studied human experiences with products and media, in particular the transformations from experiential inputs to design requirements. He sees the big picture of his research career as a hunter for new scientific principles or interpretations in Design activities. His contribution on teaching surrounds at visual media, including user interface design, visual thinking, and digital art (using Processing). He has also led several studio modules and final year projects, in which he guided the students to work on creating 2D animation supported with storytelling techniques, designing mobile user experiences with UI prototypes, and developing visual installations to communicate current issues.