Chinese Architect Seminar and Talk Series 2018/19 Cast 03



  • Title: Learning from Hong Kong: In Search of a New Urban Dynamics
  • Speaker: Gary Chang
  • Date: 29 November 2018
  • Time: 6:00 pm-8:00 pm
  • Venue: DBG19 (South Campus, XJTLU)


Founder & Managing Director
EDGE Design Institute Ltd.

Gary Chang has become one of the foremost creative forces within the architectural, interior and product design industry, by challenging traditional boundaries and rethinking the possibilities with and dynamism of spatial flexibility. He has built a reputation for his multi-disciplinary designs that combine modernism with tradition, innovation with familiarity, urbanity with nature, and art with practicality.
Born in Hong Kong, Gary did not view the 32 m2 apartment in which he lived with his parents and three sisters as a constraint. Instead, the small space sparked a lasting curiosity in redefining the potential of compact spaces. Gary graduated from The University of Hong Kong in 1987 and founded his company EDGE in 1994. Since then, Gary has demonstrated his keen artistic visions through his numerous award-winning designs, keynote lectures and literary works. These include such notable works as the Suitcase House in Beijing, his Kung-fu tea-set for ALESSI, his book “Hotel as Home”, and of course, the latest transformation of his 32 m2 apartment. A YouTube video of the latter was a sensation and an inspiration to millions globally.
With a fervent passion for offering transformational designs that exemplify ultimate adaptability, choice and sensibility, Gary Chang is undoubtedly one of the most symbolic and influential figures in the design world today.