Department of English Research Seminar: Learning News Trans-Editing Through Embedded Media Projects



  • Topic: Learning News Trans-Editing Through Embedded Media Projects
  • Date: 19 November 2018
  • Time: 5:00pm
  • Venue: HS436


Professor Jiamei Tang
School of Journalism and Communication, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies

Professor Jiamei Tang received her MA degree in Applied Translation Studies in the University of Leeds, another MA degree in Mass Communication and Education in the University of Manchester, the U.K., and her PHD in Comparative Journalism in Wuhan University of China. Prior to joining Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, she has worked at the new media department of Yangcheng Evening News and has had part-time working or short-term training experiences in various media organization including CCTV, Radio Guangdong, Guangzhou Morning Post, etc. She has published an academic book and around 30 research papers on her research interests of international journalism, intercultural communication and media ethics. She is teaching News Translation and Communication Studies for both BA and MA students,, and has supervised BA and MA students in a range of embedded media workshops and practice programs concerning news translation and media report monitoring.


News trans-editing is an applied translation knowhow and a newsroom practice which is influenced by various factors, including individual-level factors of the translator. Translators’ lacking in the knowledge of news production process would have impact on the quality of the trans-edited news story. To help students improve their news translation skills and the quality of their work, it is necessary to introduce trainings sessions on news translation process, the so-called “Embedding Trans-editing Media Projects”, in which students will be familiarized with the major practices in the news translation process, including news topic selection, information searching, translating, editing and reviewing. In this talk, the speaker will use actual practices of news translation at the Southern Legal News and South China Media Research (a magazine) as examples to teach students the hands-on skills in news trans-editing, the work routines and the theories related to this process.