Matheatmics Colloquium: Topological Problems Arising from Graphs and Data



In this talk, we will discuss some topological problems arising from graphs and data analysis. Given a graph, one may consider the coloring on this graph by labeling its vertices by colors. If colors are taken by vectors (or more generally by points in a topological space), we would get a chromatic space. There are interesting connections between the Poincare polynomial of the obtained chromatic space and the chromatic polynomial of the graph. We will also discuss how to do topology from a given graph, and how to do topological data analysis. The talk will aim to a general audience.


Professor Jie Wu
Department of Mathematics, National University of Singapore

Prof. Jie Wu is a worldwide leading mathematician in the field of algebraic topology. He has made a significant contribution for homotopy theory, especially the computation of homotopy groups. His recent research interests cover the application of topology to data sciences, biology and robots.