SoFTA Lecture: Media Management in the Digital Era



Globally, the twin forces of technology and globalization have brought about a digital revolution in the media and communication industry, ultimately disrupting traditional legacy media forms, operations and practices. In what is perhaps the most remarkable impact, the digitalization of the media space has brought about an era of increased competition among media companies and between those companies and the media consumers who are presently empowered by media technologies to create, disseminate and consume media content on their own.

Termed prosumers, the digital era has introduced a diverse array of new players to the media and communication industries who are able to produce and consume media information products in new forms and ways. This fact necessitates new research foci for media management and economies as the new media (digitized) era continues to increasingly evolve media operations and practices beyond the ken of traditional media systems. This talk will address these changes and offer a glimpse of how they are already shaping the new media management future.


Nelson Omenugha

Nelson Omenugha holds degrees in Mass Communication, Strategic Marketing Communications and International Marketing Communication Strategy from Universities in Nigeria, the United Kingdom and France. He also holds short course certificates from Roger Hatchuel Academy, the Nigerian Institute of Management (Chartered) and Coady International Institute, St Francis Xavier University, Canada. Nelson is a current full-time PhD candidate in the School of Film and TV Arts, Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University; where he has also served as a Teaching Assistant for Undergraduate and Masters classes. For his doctoral studies, Nelson is writing on ‘Media Management and Disruptive Technology: The Nigerian Newspaper industry today’. The study proposes to examine how individual media managers in Nigerian newspaper establishments are coping with the challenges and impact of digital change, while not forgetting to look into observable trends in newspaper media management peculiar to Nigeria as not just a developing country but also one that has difficult ethnic, socio-political, and cultural challenges to grapple with. His dissertation is also exploring how journalistic practices of the traditional newspaper media organizations may be overlapping with the features of the new media journalism, especially newsroom practices, as well as to find out the envisaged future and/or present possibilities and ethical imperatives in these media organizations in the face of the new media challenge. Nelson has presented papers at conferences as well as published and co-authored in peer-reviewed international journals. His research interests span the scope of new media technologies, media management and development communication and strategy for businesses, education and youth development.