Startup Grind XJTLU Chapter First Event


How important is creativity for success? What are the core requirements, per­sonally and professionally, when you choose to be an entrepreneur? How do you discover yourself and your purpose? These are just some of the questi­ons that Brian Tam can answer for us at our first event.

Event Agenda

Startup Grind Fireside Chat Events have three segments, typically 30 minutes to an hour each:

  • The first part is a time to serve food and help the attendees make friends. It could be said it is networking, but we aim to make it much more than that.
  • The second part is for the interview and the Q&A time. We call it a fireside chat for a reason - it is meant to feel like an intimate conversation.
  • The final part is another chance for attendees to connect with each other more and to meet the speaker.


Brian Tam
Brian Tam is a creativity consultant, leading corporate innovation teams in China. Born in New York, and proudly raised in New Jersey - he has been in China since 2007, working to drive the fantastic change that is happening in China & the world. In 2013 Brian founded “Let's Make Great!”, an independent creative consultancy based in Shanghai, China. The team includes a cross-section of entrepreneurs, business strategists, and designers focusing on the creative
growth of companies. In 2017, “PROTO”, their original card game, was successfully funded on, manufactured and distributed to over 20 countries. PROTO offers a quick and fun way to dive into the world of entrepreneurship and creativity.