XJTLU Museum Culture Lecture: ​Series 4 Shanghai Museum of Glass: Sharing the Infinite Possibilities of Glass


Themed on “The Leading Museums”, the Second Season of XJTLU Museum Culture Lecture highlights gurus from renowned museums. Invited by the University, they share expertise and legacy of museums, which enables XJTLU staff and students to learn more about various museums, history and culture without leaving the campus, and deepens the bonds between the University and off-campus museums.

Opened in 2011, the Shanghai Museum of Glass is listed as one of the three must-visit museums in China by a CNN-owned website. Adhering to the concept of “sharing the infinite possibilities of glass”, Shanghai Museum of Glass is moving forward steadily. It has presented impressive exhibitions over the past several years, from the glass art exhibition by domestic and international art students, the annual antique glass series exhibition, to Keep It Glassy, international creative glass design exhibition and the Annealing series exhibition that combines glass and other forms of contemporary art. The Shanghai Museum of Glass presents the public with the integration of glass art and design that closes the gaps in time, space, culture and language.

Event Details

  • Speaker: Mr Zhang Lin (Founder, President and CEO of Shanghai Museum of Glass)
  • Time: 14:00pm - 16:00pm, Wednesday, 5 December 2018
  • Venue: XJTLU Museum (123W, Central Building)
  • Language: Chinese (provide simultaneous interpretation)
  • If you would like to reserve a seat, please register: send “Name +contact number+ Culture Lecture” to [email protected]


Mr Zhang Lin
Founder, President and CEO of Shanghai Museum of Glass

Mr. Zhang Lin established the Shanghai Museum of Glass in 2011, proposing a brand-new concept of the museum that is interactive, community-based and globally recognized. Looking to build a “museum that influences the rest of the world”, Mr. Zhang Lin led his team to innovatively transform an obsolete industrial area into an exceptional, multi-functional museum park that is constantly growing, fully displaying its endorsement of a post-industrial, unique and delicate lifestyle. As the advocator, sharer, and leader of a museum-centered lifestyle, SHMOG has expanded this core concept to each and every of its venues over the years: the main hall, the Kids Museum of Glass, the Rainbow Chapel, and the Maze.

Lecture Background

The new Shanghai Museum of Glass is located on a former glass manufacturing and processing site in the northern District of Baoshan, Shanghai (China). During Shanghai’s transformation into the post-industrial era – the city which has a long developed glass manufacturing business took the lead in remodelling these old industrial buildings. The Shanghai Glassware Factory was turned into the Shanghai Museum of Glass, with many of its original remnants still visible.

Under the principle of Creating and Sharing Museum Aesthetic New Life, the Shanghai Museum of Glass founded the brand new and multi-functional Shanghai Museum of Glass Park. Developed from glass art and the museum into a complex of diverse buildings, the Park interprets, complements, and exhibits the physical and spiritual dimensions of glass from different layers and perspectives. Various forms of glass prototype, fantastic glass artworks and glass artworks production performance not only offer a most vibrant and enriching art life, but also let us feel the infinite possibility of glass.