Department of Architecture / Industrial Design Workshop III Series 2018 - 2019



  • Topic: Learning to create from the tradition. Activating the ceiling, light and patterns
  • Date: 21 January– 25 January 2019
  • Place: XJTLU South Campus – Design Building
  • Coordinator: Sofía Quiroga + Barbara Wong
  • Contact: [email protected]
  • Deadline for applications: 21 December 2018
  • 5 seats available for non-XJTLU students
  • 20 seats available for XJTLU students (Architecture + Industrial Design)
  • Cost of attendance for non-XJTLU members: RMB 2,500


Bamboo craft art & design, handmade in Taiwan.

Cheng Tsung FENG is a Taiwanese young artist. With an old soul in his body, he is fascinated by exploring the wisdom condensed out of time hidden in traditional utensils. He is reluctant to let go of these intangible assets along with traditional utensils. Thus, he inherits them by design and learns to create utensils from their tradition.

Workshop Description

During our five days course, we will go through a complete process of creating and producing elements to reactivate ceilings and some spaces in the DB. You will develop the concept design with the Taiwanese artist Cheng -Tsung Feng to build it in the Design Building. The materials will be dry sliced bamboo (40, 25,10 mm), rattan and rattan core.

With special thanks to the workshop team: Jian Chen, Hailin Zhao, Liqiong Chen and the Material’s librarian: Yunpeng Xiang (Grace).