Architecture Workshop: Carbon Footprint. Furniture Design with Recycled Materials



  • Topic: Carbon footprint. Furniture design with recycled materials.
  • Date: 10 June– 14June 2019
  • Place: XJTLU South Campus – Design Building
  • Coordinator: Sofía Quiroga + Barbara Wong
  • 5 seats available for non-XJTLU students
  • 20 seats available for XJTLU students (10 Architecture + 10 Industrial Design)
  • Cost of attendance for non-XJTLU members: RMB 2,500



Zuloark is an architectural infrastructure linked to the construction of open networks, thought to match with the necessity of evolving economic and entrepreneur models. Zuloark is meant to be a proximity development area; we count on the knowledge and the experience of each individual member so we can teach each other how to do things we didn’t know before.
Ever since 2001, Zuloark has been diversifying its professional activity in many paths.
Awarded in different architecture competitions and collaborating as independent studio with renowned architects. Focusing in developing teaching projects, being invited professors at USJ Zaragoza Architecture University from 2010 and regularly collaborating with PEI group of Universidad Javeriana de Bogotá. Zuloark has developed different pages and digital platforms involving graphic design and editorial projects like “The Universal Declaration of Urban Rights” It’s also involved in designing and constructing furniture and urban installations projects such as Gran Vía/Gran Obra and their second lives for Madrid 2010 White Night being finalist project of the XI Spanish Architecture and Urbanism Biennial.
Also since 2007 together with other collectives, is part of the meta-studio Zoohaus networking platform, collaborating in the IC - Inteligencias Colectivas (Collective Intelligences) project, first prize in “arquia/próxima” 2012 competition held by Fundación Caja de Arquitectos, prize in VIII Iberoamerican Architecture and Urbanism Biennial, finalist in the XII Biennial of Spanish Architecture and participated in 2014 at the “Uneven growth” exhibition at MoMa, New York.
Zuloark also works in organization and project management, developing urban action through investigative and participative strategies in urban environments. Collaborating with other studios, individuals and neighbours. Zuloark is materialized in every achieved project and it is redefined while it grows.


During our five days of the workshop, we will go through a complete teamwork process from the design to the construction, learning how to work with different materials, especially recycled ones. We will work on the concepts of recycled and upcycled, understanding the carbon footprint. We will explore from different approaches joints, techniques, and materials. We will learn how to use various tools at the workshop, from mechanicals to hand tools and how to mix technology and craftsman techniques successfully, testing materials, joints and stability in the design. Finally, we will get a furniture design that will be located on the south terrace on the 4th floor of the Design Building. Your design and your work will be part of your University environment giving to all of us the possibility to enjoy it.

With special thanks to Yunpeng Liu from CMO, the workshop team: Jian Chen, Hailin Zhao, Liqiong Chen and the Material’s librarian: Yunpeng Xiang (Grace).