SCOLAR'19 The Suzhou Colloquium on Language Arts Research 2019: Criticality, Creativity, Complexity



The Suzhou Colloquium on Language Arts Research 2019 (SCoLAR’19) is a two-day international conference for post-graduate students, both at the Masters and PhD levels. SCoLAR’19 aims to bring together promising young scholars who work in any area of the Language Arts – English language studies, Language pedagogy, Literature and Translation studies–providing a forum for complex interaction and cross-fertilization between different areas of work. Therefore, we invite participants to share their work, bringing new perspectives to a conversation that will enrich their own research projects and those of others. The theme of SCoLAR’19 is defined by these three ‘C’s: Criticality, Creativity and Complexity. We expect paper submissions that are linked to these general themes and operate within the broader framework of language and literature studies.

Plenary Speakers

Prof Hayo Reinders, New Zealand
Prof Hu Guangwei, Hong Kong
Prof Paul Simpson, UK
Prof David Punter, UK
Prof Gao Yi Hong, China
Prof Nicholas Roe, UK

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