Applied Mathematics Colloquium: Solving Real World Problems: Data and Mathematics



  • Time: 15:00-16:00, June, 3rd/2019, Monday
  • Venue: MA305
  • Speaker: Professor Yau Shu Wong


With the rapid advances in computer and data storage technologies, massive data have now been routinely recorded in every sector ranging from science, engineering, medical research, business and social networking, etc. Although the technology enables us to collect and to process large amount of data at high frequency rate, we are still lagging a clear understanding of what is the best way to utilize the available data and how to extract important information and feature from the data set. It should be noted that in addition to artificial intelligent and machine learning, knowledge in mathematical and statistical sciences also play an important role in the study of data sciences and its applications to solve real world problems. In this presentation, I review our work and experience on utilizing real data for three real world applications:

(1) Classification in toxicity assessment
(2) Prediction for nonlinear behaviour in aeroelastic systems
(3) Designing an intelligent sprinkler system


Professor Yau Shu Wong

Prof Yau Shu Wong received a PhD in Mathematics from the University of Oxford, and now is a full professor in the Mathematical and Statistical Science in University of Alberta, Canada.