Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, Suzhou, China, 6-8 August 2020

The symposium on solver in China was initiated by IAPCM, CAS and Xiangtan University in 2018. The first conference (Solver2018) was successfully held in Xiangtan University, Hunan province. The event mainly focuses on application-driven fundamental research, and the urgent industrial demands generated in recent real applications. The symposium soon became a flag event in this field, with the second success being co-held with the famous international multigrid conference (IMG2019).

The focus of Solver2020 is efficient and high performance solvers for large scale computing. In particular, we mainly discuss the designing and analyzing algorithms for large scale computing, performance analysis, software design and industrial applications. Themes of the conference include but not limited to:

  • high performance numerical algebra (linear and nonlinear solvers, eigen solvers)
  • fast algorithms for discrete differential algebraic equations
  • sparse matrices and graph computing
  • architecture-awared matrix computation and optimization
  • software packages, optimization and turning
  • application of machine learning in solver designing

Solver2020 will provide a forum to announce research advancement, to discuss emerging research trends, to exchange ideas, to identify new research directions and to promote collaboration.

The past two conferences:


The conference will be held simultaneously on site and on line. Due to the space constraints, the number of on site participants is limited to 80 persons. On site participants should register the conference well in advance the conference by 15 July 2020.

The conference features both presentations on recent research achievements and unsolved questions, puzzles and problems. There will be sessions to discuss open problems, technique puzzles and general questions raised before or during the conference, please send your tentative talk abstract or problems/puzzles/questions to conference@multigrid.org by the following time:

Important date:
  • Abstract submission: 15 July 2020
  • Problems and questions: 30 July 2020