• Time: 5:30-7:00pm
  • Date: Thursday, 29 October
  • Venue: HS436, HS Building


Our Lifeworld experience as a porous existence is permeated by moments of “unspeakability” - a subject that speaks its own importance, comprehending in its consequences nothing less than an epistemic incompetence to name one’s sufferings, a linguistic silence to smother one’s deep most concerns, and a bodily violation to shatter one’s integrity. All these moments culminate in an emotionally-wrecking situation in which one finds him/herself, lacking the appropriate linguistic, epistemic, and communicative devices to make sense of, reconcile with, and eventually make peace with such moments. This ideational black hole, termed as epistemic injustice, has an ontological root in the violence of a dominant patriarchal, heteronormative sexual order, but essentially an epistemic reduction of marginalised victims to invisible and unspeakable elements in the public discourse. Our deontological criticism will as much explore the epistemic root of this “unspeakability” as lay bare the harms and violence done to individuals, male and female alike, by a heteronormative sexual order.


Dr Xi Lin, is a Professor of Political Philosophy at Institute for Advanced Study in Social Sciences of Fudan University. He previously taught both undergraduate and postgraduate courses at the London School of Economics (LSE) and School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS). He also worked at the Community Care Department of the Sheffield City Council. His main research interests include gender and sexuality, LGBTQ literature, and moral and political philosophy, especially with regard to theories of justice and the phenomenology of Lebenswelt (Lifeworld).