• Time: 12:00-1:00PM
  • Date: Wednesday, 11 November
  • Venue: HS436


Australian studies in China started in the early 1980s after the return of nine Chinese scholars from Australia to China. These scholars offered courses on Australian literature, culture and history and set up Australian studies centres at their home universities. In 1988, the first Conference on Australian Studies was founded at the Conference. Now, the largest Australian studies community in the world is in China, with 30 plus Australian studies centres across China and research areas ranging from literature, history, politics, China-Australia relations, trade and economy, education, culture and indigenous studies. But will the strained relations between China and Australia in recent years affect Australian studies in China?


Li Jianjun is director of the Australian Studies Centre at Beijing Foreign Studies University and secretary general of the Chinese Association for Australian Studies. Dr Li is managing editor of the Chinese Journal of Australian Studies. Dr Li teaches Australian literature at Beijing Foreign Studies University and his current research is Australian literature in China in 1950-65.