• Time: 18:00-19:00
  • Date: Monday, 30 November, 2020
  • Venue: HSG19


What is media production? Why should we make media? What is the charm of media products? Media production is an attractive but challenging process. It attracts us to practice, but it also requires us to understand and master many technologies. In the process of media production, we can convert a fleeting light into a stunning composition, combine common physical vibrations into an evocative sound mix, and present a simple idea or story as an impressive film. The greatest charm of the media production process lies in “communication”: communicate with the creator’s own heart to obtain self-expression satisfaction; communicate with cooperating peers to generate collective energy; communicate with the target audience to achieve powerful expression. Content is the core of media production, and also the key for media products to attract audiences. The techniques we learn about photography, recording, lighting, and editing are not what brings our audience to the cinema or turn on their TV, radio, or computer. What really attracts the audience is what the media products express. This lecture will combine the latest film works and media products, analyse the narrative skills among them, and present the importance of content and creative ideas.


Li Zhi is a professor and doctoral supervisor at the School of Television, Communication University of China. He serves as a member of the following institutions: Academic Degree Center of the Ministry of Education, Chinese Television Artists Association, the expert group of China National Radio, “China News Award” review committee, and the International Task Force of NCA(National Communication Association).He teaches creative writing and his research focuses on media criticism. He serves as Deputy Secretary-General of the Documentary Committee of China University Film and Television Society and the Director of Foreign Affairs of ACCS(Association for Chinese Communication Studies).