• Date: 29th November 2020
  • Venue: X-Bar, South Campus of XJTLU
  • Language: Chinese
  • Organizer: International Innovation Hub, Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, Suzhou, China
  • Participants: 30 offline and live broadcast



Projects and Talents—The Dual Core of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Mentor Jiang Yan: Viewing the Competitive Power of Enterprise Intellectual Property from the Angle of Investment

Mentor Zhu Mu and Qian Wen: Interdisciplinary field innovation


What are the success factors of innovation and entrepreneurship? How can investors be smart? How to achieve personal innovation and development in interdisciplinary?

Together with “Wisdom-Lake Innovation and Entrepreneurship Workshop”, three mentors focus on project growth and talent development, and industry leaders will show you the dual core of innovation and entrepreneurship.


  • 13:00-13:30 Sign in
  • 13:30-14:30 Mentor Jiang Yan sharing: Viewing the competitive power of enterprise intellectual property from the investment perspective
  • 14:30-14:45 Coffee break
  • 14:45-15:45 Mentor Zhu Mu and Qian Wen sharing: Interdisciplinary field innovation
  • 15:45-16:00 Innovation & Entrepreneur Mentor (IEM) Awarding
  • 16:00-16:30 On-site Q&A and Group photo

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