Whether in short online excerpts or in the cinema, storytelling is more important now than ever, and you can learn how to tell stories and bring them onto the screen.

Do you have a story to tell? Do you see the world in a visual way? Have you ever wanted to work on real film productions with real movie stars? If you have a passion for communicating your stories on the big screen, this programme is for you.

BA Filmmaking is a practice-based programme that fosters storytelling, creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation. You will learn to make films both for the small screen and for cinema consumption.

Your practice will include areas of storytelling, creative production, directing for both documentary and fiction, cinematography, sound design, and post-production, as well as looking at the marketing, social media and business side of filmmaking and self-promotion.

Why should I study Filmmaking at XJTLU?

  • Experience an industry-standard, purpose-built film school building with world-class equipment and amenities including green screen and motion capture facilities, professional grading and dubbing studios, rehearsal spaces and a cinema
  • Create an idea and follow it through every step of the filmmaking process before presenting it to an audience on the big screen
  • Study project-management and other international film and television industry-standard software
  • Learn from award-winning international staff and industry professionals
  • Get industry work experience opportunities, and the chance to create your own films and work on real, live projects
  • Earn two degrees: an XJTLU degree from the Chinese Ministry of Education, and a globally recognised degree from the University of Liverpool, a member of the Russell Group of leading UK universities.

A one-stop-shop for Filmmaking

Learn using state-of-the-art camera, lighting and sound recording equipment, post- production software for editing (image and sound), and colour grading.

Access professional grip equipment in line with current industry standards and practices.

Create documentary and fiction work and investigate other genres as the programme progresses.

A unique learning environment

The film industry in the 21st century is global, collaborative and requires specialist training in a specialist environment, exactly what is being offered on the BA Filmmaking programme at XJTLU.


Facilities offered are based on good practice and modeled on international film schools.

Medium and large studios, green screen and motion capture facilities, edit and finishing suites, professional grading and dubbing studios, rehearsal facilities and a cinema.

A mix of creative, professional and public spaces to foster a creative environment designed to help students realise their potential.

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Knowledge and skills

By the time you graduate from BA Filmmaking, you will have:

  • an awareness of your potential as a content creator and filmmaker with the ability to take your knowledge, specialist skills and understanding into the world of work or postgraduate study
  • advanced and specialist skills in filmmaking, including specific knowledge of ideas generation, content creation, production techniques, research and creative processes
  • the ability to use theoretical understanding to inform practice, and practice to inform theory
  • high-level skills in critical thinking and communication, with the capacity for both self-reflection and collaborative working
  • an entrepreneurial mindset, with the ability to think like a filmmaker and entrepreneur in marketing yourself and your projects.

The Chinese film industry needs to integrate with the international market. Here, top-notch equipments and facilities, faculties with international background, and in-depth cooperation with the industry will help our students grow into content creators for a global audience.

Cheng Fang

Programme director


Graduates from this programme are well-prepared for positions such as producer, director, screenwriter, content producer, cinematographer, sound designer, post-production editor, and independent film production. Graduates may pursue employment in a film company or be independent and entrepreneurial either working on their own or as part of a start-up company.

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