Procedure and Checklist: Summer Ceremony at TC

Procedure and Checklist: Summer Ceremony at TC


Before the ceremony

Please double check your graduation information on e-Bridge and then make the corresponding return plan regarding of your attendance of Summer 2024 graduation ceremony at TC in person.

At the ceremony

Download Summer 2024 Graduation Ceremony Checklist_TC

1. First Station: Onsite Registration Desk, First Floor, S Building

Graduates who will attend the summer ceremony shall collect their graduation tickets, degree award cards and guest tickets at our Onsite Registration Desk at the Lobby of first floor in S Building. The ticketing point will be open from 9:00am, Friday 2, August 2024.

2. Second Station: Graduate Material Collection Desk, First Floor, S Building

Graduates are also able to collect their graduate materials at the Graduate Material Collection Desk in the same place of S building with the following service time slots:

3. Third Station: Academic Dress Service Desk, First Floor, S Building

After you collect your graduate materials, please don’t forget to collect your academic dress set with the corresponding deposit payment from the Academic Dress Service Desk in S Building. The Academic Dress Point will also be open at 9:00am, Friday, 2 August 2024.

4. Fourth Station: M-1018, M Building

Make sure you arrive at the ceremony hall with your degree award cards and take the seats at 12:00pm for ceremony 1 / 3:00pm for ceremony 2.

Before attending the ceremony, please make sure you are dressed appropriately.

5. Fifth Station: Academic Dress Service Desk, First Floor, S Building

Return your academic dress sets before 4:00pm on Monday 5 August 2024 so that you can collect your deposits back. Be careful of the tassels on your hats at all times!