The inaugural ICBDBI MSc and PhD student workshop provides a high quality forum in which MSc and PhD students can present their research to leading international academics who are attending the main ICBDB2017 conference.

The scope of this workshop includes, but is not limited to:

Big Data Analytics

  • Big data architecture
  • Big data modelling
  • Big data as a service
  • Big data for vertical industries (government, healthcare, etc.)
  • Big data analytics
  • Big data toolkits
  • Big data open platforms
  • Economic analysis
  • Big data for enterprise transformation,
  • Big data in business performance management,
  • Big data for business model
  • Innovations and analytics
  • Big data in enterprise management models and practices
  • Big data in government management, models and practices.

Business intelligence

  • Analytics leadership and soft skills
  • Decision and risk analysis
  • Revenue management and pricing
  • Supply chain analytics
  • Transportation data flow management
  • Healthcare and life sciences applications
  • Marketing analytics
  • Predictive analytics/forecasting
  • Analytics process
  • Data, web and text mining, data mining, optimisation, machine learning
  • Fraud detection and cyber security.

Paper submission

Student authors are invited to submit first extended abstracts (less than two pages) to Submissions must be original and should have not been published previously or under consideration for publication. Selected papers will be invited for full paper submission shortly later to the International Journal IJDATICS and oral presentation at the ICBDB2017 conference.