Scenery and outdoors

Suzhou is a remarkable city to explore, whether you visit the old streets, canals and gardens, the modern attractions around Jinji Lake, or the scenic spots further afield, such as Tai Lake.

Life at XJTLU

Pingjiang Road

This historic street is a popular place for both tourists and locals of all ages. The canals, bridges and buildings have been maintained and incorporate a variety of tourist shops, art galleries and museums, coffee shops and restaurants.

Tiger Hill

Tiger Hill is located in the north-western corner of the city and is famous for its 36-metre high, leaning pagoda. The 1,000 year-old Yunyan pagoda is surrounded by Suzhou-style bonsai trees as well as a museum, small scenic gardens and a temple.


In addition to Pingjiang Road, there are many areas in Suzhou that feature canals, such as Shantang Street, which at over 1,200 years old is one of China's oldest and most famous streets.

Jinji Lake

This lake at the centre of Suzhou Industrial Park is surrounded by parks, winding paths and statues, as well as many commercial areas with shops, restaurants, bars and hotels. You can expect great views during both the day and night.

UNESCO World Heritage Gardens

There are numerous historic gardens in Suzhou, all providing great places to relax. Two of the most popular are the Humble Administrator’s Garden - next to Suzhou Museum - and the Master of Nets Garden, however many more are worth a visit.