Taicang campus

Life at XJTLU

The Taicang campus is a key move in XJTLU’s strategic plan to deepen education exploration, maintain its competitive advantages and raise XJTLU to a higher level through its experiments on the Taicang campus. It will further realise XJTLU’s mission to influence the development of international higher education.

The Taicang campus will focus on:

  • syntegrative education to cultivate international industry elites who can thrive in the age of artificial intelligence and robots
  • a new form of university and campus
  • the new model of deep cooperation between the university, businesses, local communities and society at large.

The campus will cover an area of 1 million square metres, including a teaching and research area of 333,333 square metres and an area with corresponding facilities of 666,666 square metres. Upon the approval by the provincial bureau of education, the campus will start enrollment in 2019 and operations in 2020. It will have capacity to accommodate more than 5,000 students by 2025.

Location of Taicang

Taicang is a county-level city under the jurisdiction of Suzhou. The Taicang campus is located in the High-Tech Industrial Development Zone of Taicang, about 50 kilometers away from Shanghai and the XJTLU campus in Suzhou Industrial Park.

Taicang is expected to achieve the regional GDP of RMB 124 billion in 2017. It ranks the sixth place on the list of the Top 100 Counties (Cities) of Comprehensive Development of China.

The leading industries of Taicang are textile chemical fibre clothing, bio-medicine, new materials and equipment manufacturing. Its focus is on advancing the development of three strategic emerging industries, including high-end equipment manufacturing, new materials and bio-medicine industry.

In addition, Taicang is accelerating the development of new generation information technology, robotics and intelligent equipment industries.

Taicang has a great number of German businesses and joint ventures and a solid industrial foundation. Together with being a scenic city, these resources provide a favourable environment for the Taicang campus of XJTLU to carry out its new strategic exploration.