Research partners and business professionals recently came together at an appointment ceremony to celebrate their mentoring roles with the XJTLU-JITRI Academy of Industrial Technology.

A total of 51 professionals from 23 accredited research institutes affiliated with Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institute joined the programme last month, and gathered to celebrate their joint initiative at the Industry Mentor Accreditation Training Programme and Mentor Appointment Ceremony at XJTLU-JITRI.

Enrolled industry mentors are professional R&D personnel who specialise in biopharmaceuticals, information technology, advanced materials, energy and environmental protection and smart-equipment manufacturing. They will work closely with cooperative businesses and research institutes affiliated with Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institute.

“We welcome experts and leading talent from research institutes and industries to be part of our mentor programme,” said Dr Fei Ma, Executive Dean of the Academy (pictured below). “We can work hand in hand with industry mentors to expand our talent education joint initiative and broaden opportunities for research collaboration.”

Dr Fei Ma

These 51 professionals join the existing 14, bringing the total to 65 accredited industry mentors in the Academy. These mentors are required to structure certain research projects to meet education requirements of the Academy’s masters and doctoral students.

The main purpose of the industry tutor-training programme is to disseminate training philosophy, regulations and a strictly followed quality assurance system of XJTLU’s post-graduate education, said Professor Zhoulin Ruan (pictured below), Dean of XJTLU Graduate School. The collaboration also helps home in on XJTLU and industry mentors’ specialisation of tasks.

“Regularly organised training programmes will improve communication and cooperation with our industry partners so that the Academy can work jointly with them on post-graduate students’ talent cultivation,” he said.

Professor Zhoulin Ruan

Being a part of the industry tutor initiative is important because XJTLU’s international education model distinguishes itself from the rest of domestic universities, said Dr Xinghong Luo, Executive Deputy Director of the Institute of Translational Research and Drug Innovation.

He also said JITRI’s approach in educating industry specialists resonates with his own philosophy.

“We hope to get in touch with talent who excel at practical application, involve ourselves in educating application-oriented students, promote knowledge transfer between universities and industries and gain more experience in educating industry specialists,” Luo said.

By Bo Kou
Translated by Ke Tang

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