In order to follow through the decisions and arrangements of the CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee, Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government, National Immigration Administration and Jiangsu Provincial Public Security Department on combatting the epidemic and coordinating the economic and social development, the Exit and Entry Administration of Jiangsu Public Security Department has adopted 7 measures to facilitate the resumption of work and production for foreign-related enterprises and personnel to restore economic and social development.

1. Appointment arrangements and 24/7 hotlines by all the EEA offices in Jiangsu are in service. For foreigners in need of urgent visa services, the EEA offices will open fast access and provide necessary conveniences via on-line appointment and preliminary check.

2. For exit-entry document application and visa services, the processes will be expedited within the promised time limit. For foreigners in need of urgent services, their visas can be issued the same day of application.

3. For those who apply for visa extension and have difficulty in submitting the relevant letters or testimonial materials, the visas can be issued provided that they can present personal statement with a promise to submit all the required materials within one month once the epidemic is over.

4. Enterprises with a relatively large number of foreign employees can submit a letter attached with a list of foreign applicants (one letter for all the applicants) for visa review and approval. There is no need to provide materials that are kept in file or available in the system.

5. If applicants for visa extension, change or reissuance do have difficulty going to the EEA offices themselves, their employers or relatives can complete the applications on their behalf.

6. Minor violations including visa expiration due to epidemic control shall be penalized with leniency or mitigation, or exempted from punishment in accordance with applicable regulations.

7. To facilitate the entry process of returning employees, visa service of EEA offices at the ports in Jiangsu will handle applications by the enterprises with work resumption certificate by means of appointment scheduling, review and approval allowing lack of certain documents and deferred submittals.

The information above is subject to change by the Exit-Entry Administration Bureau of Jiangsu Provincial Public Security Department.

If you have any further inquiries, please dial Suzhou Local EEA Offices.

Source: iSuzhou wechat account