Suzhou Rail Transit has introduced real-name registration system starting on February 19, and Suqi Group has decided to resume the services of some Bus Stations starting on February 20.

01. Suzhou Rail Transit

To secure the operation of public transport and strengthen the efforts in epidemic prevention and control, Suzhou Rail Transit has made an adjustment on its operation plan and decided to introduce the real-name registration system starting on February 19, 2020. The system will be of great help in tracing passengers if necessary to prevent the epidemic from spreading. The operation plan is adjusted as follows:


Dear passengers,

According to related requirements of Ministry of Transport, Jiangsu Provincial Government and Suzhou Municipal Government, Suzhou Rail Transit has decided to introduce real-name registration system to strengthen the effort in epidemic prevention and control. Starting on February 19, 2020, all passengers have to register their information for entry. Matters concerning passengers are announced as follows:

1. Passengers will have to scan the QR code to register information before going through the security screening. At first use, you will need to verify your phone number. Passengers who have already registered their information to take taxi and bus in Suzhou don’t need to register again. Passengers failing to cooperate will be refused entry into station.

2. After the entry in to station, please cooperate to scan the code and register at the entrance of or inside the carriage.

3. Passengers who don’t have smart phones or enter through side channel can reach station staff or other passengers to register the information.

4. Passengers who take another carriage or transfer to other trains will need to scan the code again at the new carriage or platform.

5. Passengers failing to scan the QR code or to cooperate and thus cause severe results will be investigated in accordance with related regulations and the law.

6. When taking metro lines in Suzhou, passengers have to wear masks and cooperate to take body temperature. Passengers with abnormal body temperature or don’t cooperation will be refused entry into the station.

Suzhou Rail Transit will keep passengers’ information strictly confidential. The information is collected only to trace close contacts during the epidemic period. Your cooperation is much appreciated and we apologize any inconvenience this may cause.

Suzhou Rail Transit

February 18, 2020

All Metro lines have resumed their regular services:

  • Metro Line 1: 5:40-22:35
  • Metro Line 2: 5:40-23:06
  • Metro Line 3: 5:40-22:20
  • Metro Line 4: 5:40-22:25
  • Metro Line 4 Branch: 5:40-22:35

Departure intervals on all lines are shortened:

  • Metro Line 1 operates at peak and off-peak hours. For peak hours (weekdays: 7:10-9:00, 17:00-19:00, weekends: 10:00-20:40), line 1 departs at 5-minute intervals; for off-peak hours, it departs at 8-minute intervals.
  • Metro Line 2 and 4 operates at peak and off-peak hours. For peak hours (weekdays: 7:30-9:00, 17:00-19:00; weekends: 10:00-20:40), line 2 and 4 depart at 6-minute intervals; for off-peak hours, they depart at 10-minute intervals.
  • Metro Line 3 operates at off-peak hours. It departs at 10-minute intervals. Suzhou Rail Transit will keep monitoring real-time volume of passengers and made timely adjustment on its operation plan.

For the health of you and other passengers, Suzhou Rail Transit reminds you to:

  1. Wear a mask when taking the train and don’t remove it until you exit the station. Passengers who don’t wear masks will be stopped from entering the station.
  2. Before going through the security screening, station staff will take body temperature of every entering passenger. Your cooperation are much appreciated.
  3. Scan the QR code and register with your real name for entry. Passengers who refuse to scan the QR code or don’t cooperate in the registration of information will be stopped from entering the station.

How to register your information?

Step 1

Scan the QR code by WeChat. Click "Authorize and Login”.

Step 2

Click "Allow" to authorize WeChat login. Fill in the received SMS verification code and complete the verification.

Step 3

Show the verification page to the staff.

02. Bus Stations

To advance the work resumption progress in Suzhou and meet the needs of the public, Suqi Group has decided to resume the services of Suzhou North Square Bus Station, Changshu Nanmen Passenger Transport Terminal, Zhangjiagang Passenger Transport Terminal, Kunshan South Passenger Transport Station, Taicang Passenger Transport Terminal, Wujiang Passenger Transport Terminal and Shengze Passenger Transport Terminal, starting on February 20, 2020;

Shuttle bus service from Suzhou to Zhangjiagang, Changshu, Taicang, Kunshan, Wujiang and Shengze are resumed;

Shuttle service from Suzhou to other cities and provinces will resume depending on the epidemic condition;

Passengers are advised to check ticketing information on official platforms such as Bus Steward (巴士管家) App and Suzhou Rail Transit Official WeChat Account (苏e行).

Suqi Group starts chartered bus service

To advance the work resumption in Suzhou, subsidiaries of Suqi Group start offering customized chartered bus service. Enterprises or individuals can contact with or log on service platform such as Bus Steward (巴士管家) if need be.

1. Dial the numbers below for details

Urban areas of Suzhou:

Lu Wenbin: 0512-87181208; 13915535813

Hua Haitao: 14752522042 (for intercity shuttle bus service)

Wujiang District:

Mu Xiangjian: 0512-63424764; 13806250839


Zhu Ming: 0512-51910000; 13306237703

Yi Xiang: 18915601813

Pan Zhenqing: 13506233260


Xu Wei: 0512-56300200; 18906240983


Zhu Wei: 0512-57112020; 13914990543


Shi Wei: 0512-53525068; 13706249797

2. Bus Service Platform for People Returning to Suzhou (employed by work-resumed enterprises only)

3. Available bus size

Large-size bus: 33 to 57 seats

Medium-size bus: 13 to 31 seats

Small-size bus: 7 to 12 seats

Business Van: 9 seats or less

Bus station and Passenger terminal are crowded public places relatively, where there is a risk of cross-infection. To strengthen the efforts of epidemic prevention and control and for the sake of your health, passengers are requested to:

  1. Wear masks;
  2. Voluntarily take body temperature and identity registration;
  3. Not to bring pets, live poultry nor wild animals;
  4. Register their physical condition in Official WeChat account “jscscwx” (Jiangsu Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention).
  5. Take scattered seats (not sit together). If you have symptoms such as fever and cough during the ride, immediately tell the driver or bus crew and cooperate for follow-up.

Source: iSuzhou WeChat account