February 22nd, 2020

Notice on Serving the Public and Coordinating Development by Targeted Prevention of
Suzhou Municipal Government

(No. 9 Notice on Outbreak Prevention and Control of Suzhou)

To follow through the important instructions of President Xi Jinping and decisions of Jiangsu Provincial Government and Suzhou Municipal Government that underscore scientific and targeted prevention and control with the purpose of serving the public and businesses and coordinating the city’s functioning and development, this notice hereby specifies the followings:

1. The use of “Suzhou Health Code”. Those who intend to enter Suzhou or are currently staying in Suzhou but do not have local registered residency should take the initiative to apply for the QR code, and those who intend to return (come) to Suzhou should apply for the code prior to their entry. To ensure a swift passage, those who have local registered residency are suggested to take the initiative to apply truthfully. Upon failure to apply by the people of local registered residency, they could still travel in the city as before.

2. The application can be done through mobile phones and a code in red, yellow, or green shall then be generated automatically according to the applied information. There are three ways to make the application on mobile phones: scanning the QR code, searching “Suzhou Health Code”(苏城码) on Alipay App, or following offical WeChat accounts such as “suzhou_police” (苏州公安微警务)to find the “Suzhou Health Code” service and login.

Red code holders should request consultation in designated hospitals or subject to 14 days of medical observation in designated places.

Yellow code holders should have a home-based observation for 7 days and monitor your health conditions.

Green code holders with a normal body temperature can enter and travel in Greater Suzhou area normally.

3. Optimize the closed-off management of neighborhoods and residential communities. The method of “temperature test + green code pass” shall be adopted and the green code holders shall not be restricted from house renting or entry in the residential community. Yellow code holders are permitted to rent houses, return to place of residence for home-based observation.

4. People returning (coming) to Suzhou from places other than key epidemic areas or areas of concern, upon obtaining the green code of “Suzhou Health Code”, could return to work directly with their health information registered and proper self-protection.

5. Appoint dedicated civil service personnel to serve key enterprises and launch the program of “Thousand Civil Servants Serving Thousands of Enterprises” so as to help enterprises solve the problems encountered in work resumption in a timely and effective way.

6. Innovate service modes. Create service lists for major projects and constructions, carry out instant joint processing system, not-to-meet consultation, online agreement signing as well as remote examination and approval, so as to provide better services for an early start, completion and achievements of the projects.

7. With strict implementation of prevention and control measures, the public spaces such as parks, outdoor scenic spots and cultural and sports facilities, shall be reopened to the public in an orderly manner. Places serving people’s life and production such as wholesale markets, shopping malls, supermarkets, restaurants, and hotels shall also restart business in a well-organized way. Indoor public places that are densely populated such as confined cultural and sports facilities, entertainment venues, Internet cafes, cinemas, theaters, after-school training institutions, child care centers and others, shall remain closed or terminate their businesses during the epidemic prevention period. Gathered dining is strictly prohibited as catering business restarts.

8. Time to reopen schools will be announced by competent authorities of Jiangsu Province, and Suzhou will be responsible for carrying out epidemic prevention and control measures at campuses.

9. During the epidemic prevention and control period, if citizens have any inquires or problems, they can seek advice and help by dialing the 12345 service hotline, calling the epidemic prevention and control special workforce, or logging on the website of 12345.suzhou.com.cn.

Suzhou Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia
Prevention and Control Headquarters

Source: iSuzhou wechat account