To further intensify regular epidemic prevention and control and effectively prevent the transmission of the coronavirus in Suzhou, this notice hereby specifies the followings in light of the severe epidemic situation:

1. All residents in Suzhou should pay close attention to the updates of medium-risk and high-risk areas, plan their trips properly and avoid traveling to those areas. All should avoid visiting cities with medium-risk or high-risk areas unless absolutely necessary.

2. For travelers who are coming or returning to Suzhou, if they have a travel history (including transit) to medium-risk or high-risk areas, Nanjing Lukou International Airport, or cities (or districts of municipalities directly under the central government) with medium-risk and high-risk areas, they should take the initiative to report to local residing communities (villages) and their employers, and cooperate in information registration and corresponding medical management measures.

3. Residents in Suzhou should reduce travel and defer their trips to other cities or provinces. Those who urgently need to visit other cities or provinces should travel with proper self-protection measures, minimize exposure and reduce potential transmission of the virus. They should take nucleic acid tests in due time after returning to Suzhou and actively monitor their health conditions.

4. Residents in Suzhou should avoid organizing or attending unnecessary activities that involve large gatherings. All should go out less, stop dropping by, avoid gatherings, and maintain good personal hygiene, for instance washing hands frequently, ventilating rooms often, keeping social distancing and using serving chopsticks.

5. All residents should wear face masks properly while taking public transport and entering or exiting such crowded places as farmers’ markets and supermarkets. They should also actively cooperate in body temperature and health code (travel history records) checks when entering or exiting such public spaces as railway and bus stations, ports and hospitals.

6. All public places, administrative departments, enterprises, public institutions and residential compounds should adopt strict controls, take such preventive measures as checking body temperature, health code (travel history records) and the wearing of face masks at the entrance, and carry out disinfection regularly. In-person activities such as festivities, large meetings, galas and sports competitions should not be held in principle.

7. All chess, poker and mahjong parlors should be closed for now. Indoor cultural venues, fitness venues, entertainment venues and those providing services, including enclosed spaces in scenic spots, museums, libraries, gymnasiums, indoor swimming pools, yoga rooms, dance studios, cinemas, theaters, internet cafes, dance halls, arcades, bathhouses, beauty salons, foot bath parlors, massage and health care parlors, etc., should receive customers no more than 50 percent of capacity and carry out disinfection regularly.

8. All drugstores in Suzhou, both online and offline, should sell antibiotics and drugs for inflammation, fever, cough and fighting viruses to customers on the basis of real-name registration.

9. Residents in Suzhou should seek medical treatment at a nearby fever clinic as soon as possible when symptoms such as fever, headache, sore throat, nasal discharge, dry cough, fatigue, reduced sense of smell (or taste), diarrhea show and inform medical staff of your whereabouts and contact history over the past 14 days. Keep your face masks on and avoid using public transport when seeking treatment.

All the aforementioned measures should be put into action upon the day this notice goes public. Individuals who refuse to act in line with the notice or intentionally hide personal travel history and health conditions, as well as enterprises and public institutions that fail to perform duty as per the notice, will be pursued for criminal liability in accordance with the law should there be any impact on the epidemic control and prevention. Suzhou will adjust its epidemic prevention and control measures duly and timely based on the COVID-19 dynamics both at home and abroad in accordance with relevant national and provincial requirements.

Suzhou Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia

Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters

July 31, 2021