ILEAD: Introduction to short term course of Developing Global Citizenship

Online support and service measures

“Developing Global Citizenship: Reflections and Response to the NCP Epidemic” is an online optional two-week course developed by the Institute of Leadership and Education Advanced Development (ILEAD).

Based on the research-led teaching mode, the course asks students to work in groups to reflect on and respond to the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia (NCP) epidemic actively, put forward topics they are interested in and proposing solutions via data collection and analysis.

In this way, the course aims to enhance students’ global citizenship as well as to develop their research-led learning skills.

To integrate research-led learning with online education and maximise the teaching effectiveness, a dozen of lecturers are invited to offer ten online lectures on several epidemic-related topics through ICE.

The ten lectures will lead students to think systematically and deeply about all aspects of epidemic situation from the dimensions of social responsibility, digital literacy, social innovation and sustainable development.

After attending the lectures and learning from relevant materials, students will work in groups to identify some epidemic-related problems to their interests, collect and analyze relevant data, and propose findings or solutions via project reports, digital posters, or video presentations.

All the lectures in this course are delivered in a various ways, including video-teaching, online quiz, forum discussion, and source sharing. Besides, each learning group will have an adviser who will offer comments and suggestions to help students to finish their projects.

In addition, in order to enhance the skills for online interaction and teamwork, students are required to work in groups collaboratively to complete the learning tasks, submit the assignments, and conduct peer-reviews.

Through participating in this course, students can not only improve their social responsibility, digital literacy, sustainable development concept, social innovation awareness and other qualities necessary to survive in the future AI and Internet era, they will also strengthen their research-led learning skills, including identifying problems through practice, finding solutions and answers through survey, to conducting self-reflection and self-evaluation.

For more information about this course, please visit the course ICE page at: (Inviting code:visit)