I was sitting having a drink with a friend, when a gardener flew by us on a three-wheeled electric bike. I stared at the bike then looked at my friend and said “I need to buy one!”.

A few days later I tried to buy a second-hand e-bike from a shop trader, but he refused to sell it to me because he thought I wasn’t serious. He initially gave me a high price, but every day I would come back and eventually on the third day of negotiation I got a good deal.

I love the fact that I can jump on my bike with my friends and explore the city. The furthest I’ve travelled is to an old water town on the outskirts of Suzhou, where I discovered a farmer’s food market selling fresh fruits and vegetables much cheaper than in the city.

My friends and I came up with lots of names for my ugly old bike but none of them stuck, so we ended up calling it “The Thing”.

Note: XJTLU generally discourages students riding e-bikes, due to the high risk of an accident. However, if you are an experienced rider, then a helmet and protective clothing is essential.