“I joined XJTLU in the summer of 2013 and this is my first job after postgraduate study. When some of my classmates heard that I was working in a university library, they thought my job was easy and comfortable. They assumed that all I was doing was drinking tea, reading books and chatting, except for times when students came to borrow or return books. In fact, my job is not what they imagined.

Every day, apart from serving students and staff, I spend most of the time in improving customer service. We have set up a student affairs committee in the library and we invite students, who borrow the most books, to the library for tea parties every year to hear their feedback and suggestions about the library.

Based on their advice,we regularly renovate the library such as installing power sockets on desks for PCs, re-arrange functional areas as study areas, arrange discussion rooms and leisure areas and hold book fairs. Recently, we invited some large publishing houses to come to the library with their latest and hottest books.

Students and teachers were invited to the library to select books for us to procure on-site. After the purchase, we directly put the books in the library so that students and teachers could borrow them immediately. Usually, I will also take time to do some research on library management and development, write some articles based on my research results and attend industry exchange meetings to learn some advanced experience from peers and predecessors.”