“Before university I was a good student but a little bit nerdy. After I entered university, I realised that I could do so many things beyond what I had imaged in high school such as: volunteering, attending social clubs and doing internships. Since the second semester of my first year, I have been looking for different opportunities to improve myself personally and professionally.

One day, I went to a lecture hosted by our president, Professor Youmin Xi, where the topic was the syntegrative education model and Industry Enterprise Tailored Education program which aims to combine knowledge learnt at the university and real world industry experience. I was very interested so I applied for the IETE program when I got home that day. After several rounds of interviews, I was fortunate to be one of the first 43 members of the IETE program to be chosen and got an internship opportunity with JC Group that summer.

I was an assistant to a fund manager and my main responsibilities were assisting the fund managers to promote products,doing some fund-related research, undertaking professional training, managing client relationships and attending various meetings.

Many people think that student internships are not serious as they are not assigned to any specific tasks most of the time. In fact, I actually did and learned quite a lot from my internship since I was always looking for work to do. In a company, whether as a regular employee or an intern, no one will tell you what to do.

Only you know your own standards and tasks at work and no one will urge you to do anything because everyone is equal.