Academic Affairs and Systems Office is responsible for maintaining the University’s central student information system and its web portal and exploring and developing online functionalities to enable more academic-related operations to benefit from the system. It also provides support for academic affairs related businesses, including major academic events, academic planning, non-degree programmes management, committee services, and Academic Excellence Awards management.


  • Development and management of the University‘s central student information system (SITS) and its web portal (e-Bridge), including data analysis, new feature development and operation maintenance.
  • Formulation and maintenance of reports on data and information relating to students, programmes and modules.
  • Plan and support University-level academic events as assigned, such as Academic Leadership Forum/Away Day, Academic Exploring Week, and Academic Fair for Y1 student Programme Choice; and be responsible for the major academic events applications and procedure follow up.
  • Provide administrative support to University committees, including committee documents creation and maintenance, secretariat support to university-level committees, and operational management of committee student representations;
  • Manage and facilitate other university strategic academic affairs, including Annual Planning Activities (Academic), Non-Degree Programmes, and Academic Excellence Awards.


Location: 8th Floor, Central Building
Email: e-Bridge System (access, information, functions, etc.):
Statistical reports, Ad-hoc data request, Access to SITS Client:

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