Nano-micro Fabrication and Reliability Laboratory

Research areas

The Nano-Micro Fabrication and Reliability Laboratory was established to address the increasing need to transfer knowledge of micro-systems and devices into useful technology.

In recent years there have been dramatic developments in the scientific understanding of the materials, manufacturing and operation of devices at the micro and nano scales. MEMS and other micro and nano devices are finding increased applications in a variety of industrial and medical fields. Some examples are accelerometers for vehicle airbags, micro heat exchangers for cooling of electronic circuits, reactors for separating biological cells, blood analysers, ink-jet printing, diode lasers and high-frequency fluidic control devices.

The potential worldwide market for such micro-systems and devices is estimated to be USD 30 billion. Rapid advances are also being made in the understanding and fabrication of materials and devices at the nano scale with potential applications in many fields of industry and medicine.