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The ‘city’ is at the heart of both problems and solutions in human settlements. The city holds potential for mitigating problems associated with climate change given the critical mass of people and resources at the city’s disposal. The debate on the future of cities is not new, and it has been going on over a century. An important feature of future cities is to bridge the past and the future of the city. Our cities now require to act in response to new challenges which might differ from the traditional approach in the city’s planning, development and management. We are to create knowledge that can make better use of emerging technologies and other means to improve quality of life, competitiveness, and efficiency of urban management, while ensuring that it meets the needs of current and future generations with respect to environmental, economic and social aspects. Research Institute for Future Cities (RIFC) promotes the anti-disciplinary approach to think out of the box and go beyond the conventional debates and discussions on the challenges that contemporary cities and societies have faced.

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The Institute comprises of academics from multiple disciplines, including engineering, urban planning, architecture and environmental science.

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