The evolution of urbanisation, economic intensification as well as the all-embracing needs to develop infrastructure and production of agricultural outputs to accommodate burgeoning population growth in China has resulted in a significant amount of industrial and agricultural waste each year and where the methods of disposal by means of uncontrolled landfill and burning have caused a serious environmental impact. Effectively utilising solid wastes for the development of new building materials through the concept of multidisciplinary research is no doubt a significant step toward low carbon and sustainable construction.

The Institute for Sustainable Materials and Environment is a joint initiative between Departments of Civil Engineering, Chemistry, Environmental Science and Industrial Design at XJTLU. The main aims of the Institute are to:

  • facilitate multidisciplinary research interaction and collaboration in the key sustainability and environmental aspects of building materials with an aspiration to develop into a research-led institute of excellence with international standing
  • bring together expertise across a multidisciplinary spectrum for the development of green and environmentally sustainable building materials
  • apply research and deliver integrated solutions to specific industrial related problems via consultancy and technology transfer projects
  • promote research outcomes through international publications and substantive partnerships/collaborations with researchers from communities worldwide
  • support prevailing learning and teaching activities with an intention to create new degree programmes.
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