The Research Institute of Big Data Analytics is a collaboration between IBM China and Suzhou International Science-Park Data Centre, representing the Suzhou Industrial Park Administrative Committee to support the strategic economic focus on business analytics. The institute has a vibrant environment for students, academics, and industry experts in the area of big data analytics, business analytics, big data-oriented web-based software, and advanced theories and technology of big data-oriented distributed computing.

The Institute aims to increase the number of professionals innovating with big data in Suzhou Industrial Park. It works with institutions and companies (especially with Suzhou International Science-Park Data Centre) to train the next generation of academics and data-savvy professionals on cloud and big data technology. It also works together with IBM and SISDC to conduct research workshops and seminars to train academics and increase local professionals’ understanding in data science in order to build SIP’s capabilities in this area.

As SIP government is looking to innovate in the area of data science and analytics, RIBDA offers resources to help businesses modernise legacy infrastructure by leveraging big data technology and developing new big data applications.