About the institute

Urban and Environmental Studies University Research Center (UES) aims to become an internationally significant research centre investigating development and urbanization at the local level in China by focusing on environmental, economic, social, urban and health changes. Integrating the interdisciplinary and international research capacity and scientific platform at XJTLU, and studying China's experience of urban development and changes, UES explores paradigms for more smart, sustainable and high-quality development. It works closely with the government, enterprises, and overseas organizations, consolidating support for research and overarching scientific benefits to society.

Work Area

High Quality Research
Conducts researches in areas of sustainable urban and environmental development, covering many issues such as social and economic transformation, ecological environment protection and public health improvement in the process of dynamic urban change.

Localized Strategy-Building
Translates national urban and environmental policies into action plans and program consultation for local governments. It nurtures the building of strategies for local contexts in light of international best practice and approaches.

Knowledge Exchange and Transfer
Establishes a platform to enhance communication among researchers and external partners, including governments, industries, local and international communities and other research institutes, and explore collaboration between researchers and external partners to build social impact.

Technology Innovation
Strengthens, develops and transfers urban and environmental related technologies to better tackle urban development challenges and provide training and technologies to support local enterprises and local governments.

High-end Talent Pool
Develops international expert networks and cultivate talents that can contribute to conducting informed research and influencing policy.

Work Area

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