Jionglong Su


Dr Jionglong Su is the director of Education and R&D Institute, School of AI and Advanced Computing. He is concurrently the Taicang School Programme Leader in BEng Data Science and Big Data Technology. He holds a PhD in Statistics (Warwick) and a PhD in Automatic Control and Systems Engineering (Sheffield). Before joining XJTLU, he worked for Warwick University, University College London and Nazarbayev University where he was the Maths Head. Dr Jionglong Su has held several key appointments in the Department of Mathematical Sciences, such as the Group Head in Undergraduate Studies and the Programme Director in Financial Mathematics. His research interests include bioinformatics, artificial intelligence, portfolio management and medical image processing. He is the principal investigator and research collaborator in several interdisciplinary research funded by the National Nature Science Foundation of China and State Key Laboratory of Software Architecture, with more than 3.5 million RMB in grant. Dr Jionglong Su actively participates in the university iLead teaching programmes as an instructor for Chinese universities teachers. He was the recipient of the 2017 XJTLU Outstanding Teacher Award. He received the Excellent Advisor Award in the 4th XJTLU Research-Led Learning Competition.

Students supervised by him won the following award: -

1) 2019 MCM/ICM Mathematical Competition 'Outstanding Award'; 2020 MCM/ICM Mathematical Competition 'Finalist Award'


2) Best Oral Paper Award (Application of deep q-network in portfolio management, ICBDA 2020, Yuan Gao et al.)

3) Best Oral Paper Award (A deep residual shrinkage neural network-based deep reinforcement learning strategy in financial portfolio management, ICBDA 2021, Ruoyu Sun et al.)

4) World 2nd place in 2021 GAMMA Challenge (8th Ophthalmology Medical Image Analysis Seminar, Sifan Song et al.)

5) Best Paper in Application Research (An efficient deep learning framework of COVID-19 CT scans using contrastive learning and ensemble strategy, PIC 2021 conference, Shenghan Zhang et al.)

6) Finalist Award (Bilateral-ViT for Robust Fovea Localization, ISBI 2022 conference, Sifan Song et al.)
  • Qualifications

    • PhD in Statistics, University of Warwick
    • PhD in Automatic Control and Systems Engineering, University of Sheffield
  • Experience

    • Director of ERDI, School of AI and Advanced Computing - XJTLU - 2020 to Present
    • School Programme Leader in BEng Data Science and Big Data Technology - XJTLU - 2019 to Present
    • Programme Director in BSc Financial Mathematics - XJTLU - 2017 to 2019
  • Research interests

    • Portfolio Management
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Bioinformatics
  • Courses taught

    • DTS101TC Introduction to Neural Networks
    • DTS002TC Essentials of Big Data
    • ENT001 Explore AI and Entrepreneurship
    • MTH008 Multivariable Calculus for Science and Engineering
    • MTH013 Calculus for Science and Engineering
    • MTH102 Engineering Mathematics II
    • MTH113TC Introduction to Probability and Statistics
    • MTH205 Introduction to Statistical Methods
    • MTH206 Statistical Distribution Theory
    • MTH316 Applied Multivariate Statistics
  • Telephone

    +86 (0)512 81884848
  • Email
  • Address

    SC527(Science Building)
    Suzhou Dushu Lake Science and Education Innovation District
    Suzhou Industrial Park