Michael Connors


Michael joined the Department of International Studies at XJTLU in August 2018.

He has previously worked at the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus, La Trobe University, Leeds University, Thammasat University, Chulalongkorn University and City University of Hong Kong.

His research covers the politics of Thailand, nationalism, ideology, cultural policy, intellectual history and the international politics of the Asia Pacific with a focus on Thailand, Japan, Australia and Southeast Asia.

He welcomes research supervision in any of the above or related areas.

Current research projects include:

* liberalisms in Southeast Asia (co-chair with Mark Thompson from City University for a workshop on localizing liberalism in Southeast Asia)

* translation project on Thai conservatism with Ukrist Pathmanand (Chulalongkorn University) An edited selection of translations with interpretative introduction.

* surveying Area Studies in China

  • Qualifications

    • Ph.D. (Political Science) University of Melbourne
    • BA Honours (1st class): University of Melbourne
    • Graduate Diploma of Education, University of Melbourne
    • BA Degree (History), La Trobe University, Melbourne
  • Experience

    • 2018 - Head of Research and PGR in the Department of International Relations, XJTLU
    • 2013-2018; Head of School of Politics, International Relations and History, University of Nottingham (2013-2016). One year leave and returned from July 2017-2018
    • 2016-2017 Visiting Fellow, Institute of Asian Studies, Chulalongkorn University
    • 2010. Associate Professor, City University of Hong Kong
    • 2002-2012 ( absent 2010) La Trobe University: a variety of admin positions, including Faculty Chair, Graduate School, Acting Head of School, Convenor of Master in International Development
    • 2000-2001. Lecturer, University of Leeds
  • Research interests

    • Thailand, International Relations of the Asia Pacific, political ideologies, liberalism, intellectual history, development
  • Articles

    • Connors M. K. (2019) ‘Thailand’s Public Secret: Military Wealth and the State’, Journal of Contemporary Asia. Online first. https://doi.org/10.1080/00472336.2019.1635632
    • Connors MK (2019 ) ‘Liberalism Against the People: Learning to Live with Coups d’etat’, Journal of Political Ideologies. 24, 1, pp.11-31
    • Connors M. K. (2018) ‘Cultural Policy as General Will and Social Order Protectionism: Thailand's Conservative Double Movement’ International Journal of Cultural Policy, 24, 3, pp. 315-330
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    • Connors, (1995) 'Missing Gender and the Fetishism of Sex: Responses to the Sexuality Debates', Thamyris - An International Feminist Journal of Inquiry, Vol.2, No.2, Autumn, Amsterdam, 207-230.
  • Books, monographs, compilations and manuals

    • Connors M.K and Ukrist Pathmanand ed. (forthcoming) Thai Politics in Translation: The supra-constitution, monarchy and democracy (NIAS PRESS)
    • Connors, M.K. (2018) (co-authored with R. Davison and J. Dosch) The New Global Politics of Asia Pacific: Conflict and Cooperation in the Asian Century, Routledge, London (Revised: 3rd edition)
    • Editor Special Issue Connors M.K. (2017) ‘Ideological aspects of development, empire and inter/nation: select cases from Southeast Asia, Asian Review (Journal of the Institute of Asian Studies, Chulalongkorn University), Special issue 30, 2. 155 pgs.
    • Editor Special Issue: Connors, M.K. and K. Hewison (2008) ‘Thailand: ‘the good coup’, Journal of Contemporary Asia, 38, 1. Special Issue.
    • Connors, M.K. (2007): Democracy and National Identity in Thailand, (revised edition) Copenhagen: Nordic Institute of Asian Studies). Original publication 2003 with Routledge
  • Chapters, cases, readings and supplements

    • Connors, M. K. (2020) “Thai Democracy, what does your face look like?” in Routledge Handbook on Contemporary Thailand, edited by Pavin Chachavalpongpun , pp. 55-70 (London: Routledge).
    • Connors M.K. (2019) “Anticorruption Politics in Thailand: From Regime Institutionalization to Sovereignty Wars”, in The Political Logic(s) of Anti-Corruption Efforts in Asia, edited by Cheng Chen and Meredith Weiss. New York (SUNY Press). pp. 139-168
    • Connors M. K. (2014) ‘Southeast Asia's New Body?’ . In: Sunait Chutintaranond, Ukrist Pathmanand and Vinissa Ujjin (eds). Catching Up: Southeast Asian New Body - States, Markets and Public Spheres Bangkok: Institute of Asian Studies, Chulalongkorn University.
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  • Conference presentations

    • Seminars, Conferences, Addresses, Working Papers, Research Report (2017) ‘Sovereignty Wars: Patterns of Constituent Power’, paper presented at “Southeast Asian Studies in Asia 2017 Conference, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, December 16-17. (2017) ‘Writing together’, joint presentation with Ukrist Pathamand to New ASEAN Connectivity Workshop’ a Workshop organized by the Institute of Asian Studies (Chulalongkorn University) and the Institute of Asia Pacific Studies (Nottingham), October 31. (2017) ‘Rethinking the 1997 constitution: twenty years on’, Keynote Address at Conference on Social, Economic and Political Change in Isaan. Mahasarakham University, 14 September. (2017) ‘Anti-corruption politics: an interpretation of the Thai case in three parts’, paper presented to ‘Workshop on Anti-Corruption in Asia’ break-out workshop from APSA, September 3. (presented via Skype). (2017) ‘Populism for Liberal Democracy: the logics of appropriating Thaksin.’ 2017 International Convention of Asian Scholars, Chiang Mai, 13 July. (2017) ‘Liberalism Against the People: why liberals can support coups d’etat’, special presentation for the Emerging States Project, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies, Tokyo, 27 April. (2016) ‘Liberalisms Against the People’ 2016 Annual Conference on Southeast Asian Studies in Taiwan, held at National Chengchi University, Tapei, 22-23 September. (2015) ‘Thinking about Liberalism in Southeast Asia’, Co-opening Address to ‘The Liberalism Conference: Trends, Challenges and Future Prospects’ IDEAS and the Institute of Asia Pacific Studies, Kuala Lumpur, 19 September. (2012) ‘Rethinking Liberalism: Case Notes from the Thai Crisis’, Australian Association of Political Studies, University of Tasmania, 4 October. (2009) ‘Human Rights in Thailand’ invited paper to Workshop on Human Rights in Asia, University of Melbourne, October 2-3. (2008) ‘State ambivalence, decisionism and competing regime framers’ invited paper presented to Workshop on ‘Contemporary Authoritarianism in Southeast Asia: Structures, Institutions, and Agency’ City University, Hong Kong, May 9 -10, 2008. (2007) ‘Cultural Surveillance and the Market Economy - moral politics and the state in Thailand’ paper presented at International Convention of Asia Scholars, 5, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, August 2-5. (2006) ‘The Ministry of Culture in the South: paradoxes of cultural pluralism’ invited presentation to National Thai Studies Update, September 29, Australian National University. (2006) 'Reading Rohan: the politics of intelligence and terrorism', invited address to British Academy funded seminar on The Social Impact of the War on Terror, July 13. (2006) 'Give Democracy a Break: Thailand’s Political Crisis', invited address to the Australian Institute of International Affairs, Melbourne. May 10. (2004) 'Thailand under US hegemony? Power, Regionalism and the Peripheral Politics of Place', invited paper presented to symposium on ‘Bush and Asia: America’s Evolving Relations in East Asia’, held at the University of Queensland, Friday, November 26. (2004) 'Ministering Culture: the renewal of Thainess and the politics of hegemony', paper presented at Revisiting Globalization and Communication in the 2000s, Faculty of Communication Arts, Chulalongkorn University Bangkok, Thailand, August 5-6. (2004) 'Thaksin – to have and to hold: Thai Politics in 2003-2004', invited address to the Thai Update Conference 2004, organized by the National Thai Studies Centre in Association with Macquarie University, Department of Foreign Affairs, Macquarie University, April 20-21. Connors, M. (2003) 'The Reforming State: Security, Development and Culture in Democratic Times', Working Paper Number 42, Southeast Asian Research Centre, City University, Hong Kong, September. http://www.cityu.edu.hk/searc/WP42_03_Connors.pdf (2003) 'Civil Society and Global State Building', ASEASUK annual conference, 19-20th October, University of Leeds. (2002) 'The forces of the land movement: the politics of civic engagement and reformed nationalism', paper presented at the 8th International Conference on Thai Studies, Nakhon Phanom, Thailand, 9-12 January. (2001) 'Ideological Aspects of Democratisation: Mainstreaming Localism', paper presented to the Third Euro-Seas Conference, School of Oriental and African Studies, 5th-8th September. Appears as: 'Ideological Aspects of Democratization: the Mainstreaming of Localism', Working Paper Number 12, Southeast Asian Research Centre, City University, Hong Kong, October. http://www.cityu.edu.hk/searc/WP12_01_Connors.pdf (2001) 'Towards an Accountable Democracy Project', address to Local Governance and Accountability Workshop, Bele Pakuan Hotel, Bandung, 31 March, 2001, sponsored by UNPAR University and the British Council. (2001) 'Political Discourse and Democratization: Ideology and Power in Civics Education', paper presented to Institute of Civil Society Studies, UNPAR University, Bandung, 7th April. (2001) 'Globalising Democracy: What kind and why now?', talk presented to the Support Democracy in Indonesia Project, Bandung, 26th March, 2001. (2001) 'Making Democracy Work? The Politics of Democracy Promotion in Southeast Asia', Southeast Asia Seminar Series, City University, Hong Kong, 24th May. (1994) ‘Resisting Amalgamation Mania: Case Studies of Failed Amalgamation Campaigns in Australia in the 1980s and 1990s’. Research Report prepared for Professor Gerry Griffin, funded by the Australian Council of Trade Unions, pp. 45.
  • Grants

    • 2018 with Dr Wasana Wongsurat as Co-Director, Panel Grant for Inter-Asian Connections VI – Hanoi, December 4 – 7, 2018 organized and funded by the Social Science Research Council (SSRC) InterAsia Program, the Asia Research Institute (ARI) at the National University of Singapore (NUS), the Hong Kong Institute for Humanities and Social Sciences (HKIHSS) at the University of Hong Kong, Yale University, the University of Göttingen Global and Transregional Studies Platform, Duke University Global Asia Initiative, and Seoul National University’s Asia Center (SNUAC). Panel funded: Divine/Transcendent Rulers of Imagined Communities: The Rise and Fall of Royal Nationhood in Asia 2017 Institute of Asian Studies, Chulalongkorn University and the Institute of Asia Pacific Studies, Nottingham University joint-grant ($4000) for workshop on political ideologies in Southeast Asia. 2016-2017 Visiting Fellowship Honorarium (Institute of Asian Studies, Chulalongkorn University) $22,000. 2016 IAPS Small Gant 5000 ringgit for work on Malaysian think tanks. 2013-2015 (Seed grants secured from various university sources for the establishment of Institute of Asia Pacific Studies (Malaysia) £20,000. 2013 Teaching Development Grant for tri-campus web-based module. University of Nottingham, UK. £10,000 2011 La Trobe Research Infrastructure Block Grant to co-ordinate Program Research Assistant $17, 000. 2010 Australian Academy of Social Sciences and the Institute of Human Security, La Trobe University , $7000, to fund field work and research assistance on human security in Thailand for 2011. 2008 Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Australia-Thailand Institute, $22, 000 (with supporting funds from La Trobe University of $4000) – to facilitate photographic exhibition and film on Thai south. 2007 Department of Foreign Affairs and Exchange, Australia-Thailand Institute, $24, 000 (with supporting funds from La Trobe University of $2000) – to facilitate exchange visit of Thai Muslims to Australia in 2007. 2006-2008 Australian Research Council Discovery Grant $85, 000: Chief Investigator. Resulted in 5 publications including 3 ISI journal articles. 2002-2005 – various La Trobe University competitive research grants for conference and research. 2003 Australian Academy of the Humanities Fieldwork Fellowship $3700. 2002 – co-author with Professor Duncan McCargo of successful bid for Department for International Development funded link between the University of Leeds and the Prince of Songkla University, Thailand. 2001 British Academy of the Humanities and Social Sciences, Small Grant for project on ‘Rediscovering Liberalism in Thailand’ £ 2800.
  • Professional service activities

    • Refereeing Journal of Asian Studies, Journal of Contemporary Asia, Melbourne Journal of Politics, Globalizations Pacific Review, Sojourn, Critical Asian Studies, Asian Studies Review, Global Society, Journal of Southeast Asian Studies, Asian Journal of Comparative Politics, Government and Opposition, Sojourn, Cambridge University Press, Routledge and NIAS Press. Editorial Boards Journal of Contemporary Asia (2011 -ongoing), Asian Review (2016 – ongoing). External Assessor, consultant 2017-2019: Senior Advisor to Thailand Research Fund project (based at Institute of Asian Studies) on Regimes in Southeast Asia. Monash University: invited to be on Audit Panel, 2016 (declined as I was not available). City University of Hong Kong: Appointed External Academic Advisor for the Master of Asian and International Studies at (3 years) 2011-2013. Consulted on report of Thai Studies in Australia by the Lowy Institute. Reader for an IRUA university draft research quality statement, 2007. Legal Briefs (approached on three occasions – declined). Conference and Workshop Co-organizer or organizer (recent). 2017 ‘ASEAN Connectivity Workshop’, University of Nottingham (October 31) 2017 ‘Political Ideologies in Southeast Asia’, Chulalongkorn University 2015 ‘The Liberalism Conference: Trends, Challenges and Future Prospects’ held at Connexion@Nexus, 19th September 2015, with IDEAS, Malaysia. Public Engagement (Ongoing) Media: Bloomsberg, Asia Channel, ABC, Radio National, BFM Radio, BBC and various newspapers on my research area of Thai politics. (2015-2016) University of Nottingham co-ordinator of the United Nations Association of Malaysia annual speech and essay writing competition. (2015) Co-organizer in my capacity as Director of IAPS with the think-tank IDEAS ‘The Liberalism Conference: Trends, Challenges and Future Prospects’ held at Connexion@Nexus, 19th September 2015. (2013-2015) Co-ordinator, as Director of the Institute of Asia Pacific Studies, with British High Commission (Malaysia) of the Big Debates series from 2013-2015. (2010) guest lecturer at Open University, Melbourne. 2008: Co-organizer of film event “Citizen Juling” at the Australian Centre of the Moving Image and a photographic exhibition at the Centre for Contemporary Photography in Melbourne funded by DFAT.
  • Courses taught

    • INS301 Semester of International Experience - providing a modular element on Area Studies in this module
    • INS406 War and Peace in East Asia 2020- ongoing
    • INS401 Contemporary Debates and Research Methods in IR (interim 2020)
    • INS106 East and Southeast Asia 2018 - ongoing
    • INS103 World History 2018-2019
  • Awards and honours

    • Visiting Fellow, Institute of Asian Studies, Chulalongkorn University July 2016-June 2017
    • Dwight Examination Prize, Department of Politics, University of Melbourne, 1994
  • Telephone

    +86 (0)512 0438
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  • Address

    Department of International Relations
    Suzhou Dushu Lake Science and Education Innovation District
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