Police registration within 24 hours after arrival into China

Prepare your arrival

Police registration must be completed within 24 hours after arrival into China and checking into your accommodation. The police office is open every day except Sundays and national holidays.

Take your passport and the paper given to you when you checked into the accommodation. If your first night in China was in a hotel you need to ask the hotel to give you an accommodation registration form (临时住宿登记表).

After the police registration, foreign students will receive an accommodation registration form, which will be used for your residence permit application in the Exit and Entry Bureau and for archival purposes with the accommodation provider.

If you don’t register with the police then you may end up with a fine of RMB 200/day.

For students living in Dushu Lake Higher Education Town, they should go to following address to register between 9am and 11:30am, or between 2pm and 5pm Monday to Friday:

林泉路318号 永安桥派出所
Yong’an Qiao police station, No. 318 Linquan Street (near Wenhui Plaza)