Students need to apply for a student visa which is known as an X visa. There are two types of X visa which relate to the duration of your study programme. Differences between the two visas are as follows:

Type Programme duration Entries into China Require residence permit Cost
X1 Over 180 days


Yes, within 30 days after arriving in China
  • Application fee in your home country
  • Physical test after arrival in China (RMB 400)
  • Conversion fee in the Exit and Entry Bureau (equivalent of an immigration office, RMB 400/year)
X2 Less than 180 days Single No Only application fee in your home country

You need the following documents for your X visa application:

Documents for X visa application include:

  • Original admission notice (sent to you by XJTLU)
  • JW202 form (sent to you by XJTLU)
  • X visa application form downloaded from or the visa application section on the website of the Chinese embassy in your own country.

You need to keep the admission notice and JW202 form safe after you have applied for the visa and bring them to China with you. You need them for your enrolment and immigration processes. If, for any reason, the Chinese embassy/consulate do not return them to you please ask them to.

Applicants under 18 years old

For applicants under 18 years old, please read the Guardianship Policy carefully and complete the Guardianship Transfer Form and the Guardianship Transfer Declaration. Should you have any queries regarding guardianship transferal, please don’t hesitate to contact us on