Database for the epitranscriptome targets of RNA modification readers, writers and erasers in human, mouse and fly


Epitranscriptome has emerged to be an important layer for gene expression regulation. With the advancements in high-throughput sequencing technology, the transcriptome-wide distribution of various RNA modifications such as m6A, m5C, m1A, and ψ (pseudo-uridination) become increasingly available; however, till this day, the gene regulatory circuit at the epitranscriptome layer is still not comprehensively mapped or effectively integrated.


Post-transcriptional RNA modifications are directly recognized, deposited or removed by cognate factors termed readers, writers and erasers. By in-tegrating the information from 36 independent high-throughput sequencing ex-periments, an online database TREW was built to host 171,551 epitranscrip-tome targets of the RNA modification readers, writers and erasers predicted under different biological contexts in human, mouse and fly. To facilitate the query, search and browse of this database, the target information has been in-tegrated into a genome browser and annotated by their association to genes, consensus motifs and microRNA binding sites, etc.

The database can accessed at the XJTLU mirror or ShinyApps mirror.

Please don’t hesitate to contact if you have any questions or suggestions. Thank you for helping improving the TREW database.