Year awardedProject namePrincipal investigatorFunding body
2015Fuzzy Cognitive Swarm Optimized Clustering MethodsKam Fung YuenNSFC (Young Scientists Fund)
2015Novel numerical and computational techniques for remote sensor based monitoring of water qualityYong YueJiangsu Science and Technology Programme
2015Usable Multi-Channel SecurityXin HuangJiangsu Science and Technology Programme
2015Cognitive Memetic Self-Organizing Clustering Algorithm for Data AnalyticsKam Fung YuenJiangsu Science and Technology Programme
2015Identity-based Security Protocols Using Out-of-Band ChannelsXin HuangSuzhou Science and Technology Programme
2014Detect Positioning Error in Wireless NetworksDawei LiuJiangsu Science and Technology Programme
2014Wireless Localization in Non-Line-of-Sight ConditionsDawei LiuSuzhou Science and Technology Programme
2014Learning and Evolving Knowledge from User Generated Social Media DataWei WangRDF 2014 Round 1
2014Novel numerical and computational techniques for remote sensor-based monitoring of water qualityYong YueRDF 2014 Round 1
2014Usable Secure Interfaces for Mobile DevicesHai-Ning LiangRDF 2014 Round 2
2014Development of an Intelligent Planning Tool for Refractive SurgeriesYong YueRDF 2014 Round 2
2014Usable Security Mechanisms in Internet of ThingsXin HuangRDF 2014 Round 2
2014Deep Learning Attributes for Gait Recognition in VideoBailing ZhangRDF 2014 Round 3
2014Information-Visualization Interfaces for Multi-device Co-located Synchronous CollaborationPaul CraigRDF 2014 Round 3
2013Interferenceless Machine Learning – Research and ApplicationsSteven Sheng-Uei GuanJiangsu Science and Technology Programme
2013Secure Localization Algorithms in Non-Line-of-Sight ConditionsDawei LiuJiangsu University Natural Science Research Programme
2013An Investigation on Resource-Centric Service-Oriented Architecture for Cyber Physical SystemsKaiyu WanRDF 2013 Round 2

PGRS 2012 Round 3

2013Clothing-based interfaces for interacting with off-screen content in mobile devicesHai-Ning LiangRDF 2013 Round 2

PGRS 2013 Round 2

2013Swarm Intelligence Clustering SystemKam Fung YuenPGRS 2013 Round 3
2013WanderOS: a Migrating Mobile Operating SystemCharles FlemingPGRS 2012 Round 3
2012Automated detection, tracking and analysis of time-lapse STED imaging of dendritic spinesBailing ZhangPGRS 2011 Round 1
2012Interference-less Machine LearningSteven Sheng-Uei GuanPGRS 2011 Round 1