The education team in the Chinese Culture Teaching Centre is experienced in teaching reform and practice. The team is led by the head of centre and consists of two teams focused on curriculum teaching and teaching support.

The curriculum teaching team is composed of four teaching groups that focus on culture, history, law and self-management. Each teaching group is responsible for delivering compulsory courses to Year One students, which focus on:

  • Comparison between Chinese and Western culture
  • Chinese modernisation
  • Law and morality
  • Self-management
  • Introduction to Chinese culture for students from China’s Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

The teaching support team consists of the centre secretary, the optional courses team and teaching assistant team. The secretary is responsible for coordinating the centre’s, the optional courses team carries out optional courses (non-credit bearing), while the teaching assistant team’s main responsibility is to support the teaching team and ensure teaching activities are delivered smoothly.

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